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The Accent Modification Clinic program is part of the P-ESL Compton, Pronouncing English as a Second Language, developed by Arthur J. Compton, PhD a Speech and Language Pathologist. Certification is only granted to trained Speech Pathologists to use the program to instruct clients.

The clinic includes one on one coaching sessions that can run up to 13 weeks. The visits are approximately one hour each. An online digital practice program is used by the client to carry out Pronouncing English instructional exercises assigned by the clinician each week. All client assigned speech-sound exercises are recorded by the client each week and then emailed back to the clinician in order to evaluate the client's progress.

The first Accent Modication session includes a phonological speech assessment which determines the extent of the accent problems that occur in the client's speech patterns, and the number of visits needed to correct their speech phonological errors. The goal is to reach productive speech pronunciation intelligibility levels when speaking English in conversation.

The corporate program is up to 13 weeks and can be arranged a the clients office facility. The clients will be trained to use the online P-ESL program and is theirs for lifetime A username and password are provided.

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