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Accent Reduction Clinic provides instruction for improving speech pronounciation of English as a second language with individuals who would like to become speech intelligible and clear, when speaking English as a second language.

The course covers 13 plus weeks of instruction beginning with a complete phonological assessment, which covers all phonemes pronounced In the American English Language. The student will come to class weekly for one hour instructional, face to face sessions. The Accent Reduction Clinic program begins with a complete phonological assessment. Completing in office instruction, beginning with all mispronounced, distorted, and substituted sounds in words and sentences, including conversational speech errors, will be covered in this instructional program.

Prosody of speech will also be addressed. Prosody is the melody of speech, intonation, stress, rhythm, inflection of the voice including, the speech rate, or tempo. In office face to face visits with the clinician are on a weekly basis. Home work assignments using speech pronunciation exercises are sent to the student by the clinician weekly. Audio speech pronunciation demonstrations including utube video instruction by various professional instructors are also provided. Pronunciation speech models by the clinician, will sent weekky by email.

The Student can also use the English Pronunciation program called, Youglish, a program of speech production models and demonstrations, pronunciation of English words, and sentences. The Youglish program uses utube presentations. Home work assignments sent to the student will be completed by the student and sent back to the clinician by email on a weekly basis. All home work assignments completed by the student will be reviewed during the in-office weekly visit. Students are expected to practice their home work assignments daily. Completing and practicing pronuciation task assignments will be very important, and essential to effectively improve speech intelligibility levels.

The first Accent Modification session includes a phonological speech assessment which determines the extent of the accent problems that occur in the client's speech patterns, and the number of visits needed to correct their speech phonological errors. The goal is to reach productive speech pronunciation intelligibility levels when speaking English in conversation.

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